Addiction Recovery Treatment Process

Addiction Recovery Treatment Process

The addiction recovery process is a journey for life long sobriety. You need to be dedicated to changing your life and starting at square one. Recovery from addiction is hard; but worth the work and the chance to live your life free from drugs and alcohol. There are 4 main steps in the recovery from addiction process and every journey starts at Square One.

Addiction Recovery Steps

The rehab process varies depending on the type of addiction and the treatment program used. Though the 4 main steps used in most addiction recovery treatment programs are:

  • 4 steps in addiction recovery

    Step1: Patient Intake.

    Step 2: Detoxification (detox).

    Step 3: Rehabilitation (rehab).

    Step 4: Ongoing Recovery & Relapse Prevention.

Step 1: Patient Intake

The intake process for addiction recovery starts with Square One Recovery’s coordinator asking you some basic questions to see what type of treatment plan would best suit your needs and scheduling you for initial diagnostic tests.

We will ask you questions about your drug history and severity of your addiction. Your current living arrangements and safety. We will help you with figuring out financial issues that may be impeding your recovery process and help you with insurance.

Step 2: Addiction Detox

Addiction recovery starts with a detoxifying process that is designed to help you remove all traces of drugs and alcohol from your system. Square One Recovery offers for some patients a Medical Addiction Management (MAT) program for patients fighting opioid abuse, prescription drug addictions and other substances that may be assisted with medical detox. This may help you with withdrawal symptoms.

The difficulty of the detox process depends on:

  • The patients body composition and metabolism.
  • The specific drugs that was being used and the dosage amount.
  • The length of time the substance has been used.
  • If there are multiple addictions involved.

Step 3: Rehab Program for substance abuse

After the patient has completed the Detox portion for the program, the next step is rehabilitation from substance abuse to find long-term success. The rehab part is where our team will help you find the reason you are addicted to drugs, work with you on those issues though our modalities of treatment programs and holistic therapy programs.

We are here to help you address the issues so you can life a full life free from drugs and alcohol.

Step 4: Recovery

After the patient has completed the recovery process, which may take 30–60 days, they need support in their effort to life long sobriety.  Every journey has ups and downs; we are here to provide support with relapse prevention. Before you leave our addiction treatment program, the patient will meet with counselors to discuss a plan for aftercare. It is normal for patients to attend regular therapy sessions, post rehab group support and continue drug testing so that you are accountable to someone for long term success.

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