Addiction Therapy for Couples

Square One Recovery’s ‘Couples Program’ offers drug addiction therapies for couples. A happy home life is one of the most important aspects of addiction recovery, so involving the people that live with addicts always play crucial roles.

Recognizing a Partner’s Addiction

It is important to learn the signs of addiction abuse to be able to recognize it in your partner.

The following points to your relationship being negatively impacted by drug and alcohol abuse in the family:

  • • You feel like you have to cover up your partners drug or alcohol abuse to friends and family
  • • Your partner blames their use on the relationship
  • • Family activities become second to drugs and alcohol use
  • • Your partner is stealing or lying about spending money on drugs or alcohol and covering up the flow of family finances
  • • Your partner is isolating themselves from friends or family that do not use drugs

Co-Addicted Couples

Co-Addicted Couples are common and it is important to seek treatment for both partners. They may form their relationships on the basis of shared addictions, or they may develop them later on. Couples often suffer from addiction together sharing a drug habit can make it very hard for either person to get sober. The presence and influence of other addicts is one of the most common causes of relapse in rehab patients. The only way for either member of a co-addicted couple to achieve sobriety is for both parties to seek clinical drug addiction treatment. Square One Recovery offers a special program from co-addicted couples to seek treatment together and learn how to support each other on the journey to sobriety.

What happens when only one partner gets treatment?

Some couples may only seek treatment for one person, while the other partner continues active drug use or tries to do it on their own without learning the strategies their partner will learn in treatment. Unfortunately, their therapies will be compromised from the beginning without the support of their partners. Even if they do successfully complete their rehab programs, their lives rarely turn out the way they would like. It is nearly impossible for a recovering addict to remain sober in a drug-filled home, and these recovering addicts typically either end their relationships or quickly relapse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program for Married Couples

At our center in beautiful Wellington, Florida, we can help you rebuild your relationships. Whether your partner is struggling with addiction or if substance abuse is a mutual problem, we can help you both begin to heal and start your recovery.