Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program

If you (or someone you care about) has an addiction issue, the answer to overcoming it may lie with our intensive outpatient therapy program. We combining group therapy with individual therapy to get at the root cause of the addiction, the IOP program brings you to our center for frequent and intensive treatment several days a week, yet allows you to continue living in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home.

The therapy sessions in our intensive outpatient program last longer than standard therapy sessions do, and the frequency with which you will attend both individual and group therapy sessions is stepped up from a standard program, too. What this typically translates to in terms of your progress is – faster results.

If you have had it with fighting your addiction on your own, stop trying to overcome your problem solo. Get in touch with Square One Recovery and see how much easier it is to put an end to your struggle when you have qualified, professional help on your side.

When indicated, family therapy may be included as well.

If your addiction issues stem from or are coupled with anger management issues, emotional trauma, low self-esteem, or other behavioral problems, this can be a particularly effective way to root out the underlying cause and make your life a much happier one for you (and for those who care about you).

 Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program