Partial Hospitalization Program

Hybrid Program for Substance Abuse Treatment

Our partial hospitalization program is a hybrid that offers the best of both worlds in substance abuse treatment. The individual being treated is admitted as an inpatient during the detox phase and early stages of the recovery that follows. In part this is to help ensure that he or she will not start “using” again, which is always an issue early in the recovery process. This is true whether the addiction is to drugs, alcohol, or both.

Later, the client can return home while remaining under the care (and the watchful eyes) of his or her therapist and other personnel at our center. The client will continue frequent visits to Square One Recovery for therapy, progress- monitoring, and the rest of our precision-tuned and individualized program.

These outpatient visits will ensure that he or she remains clean and sober, and not just drug-free and alcohol-free but stronger in his/her understanding of the issues that prompted him/her to turn to substance abuse as a way of coping with life to begin with.

 Partial Hospitalization Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Partial Hospitalization Substance Abuse Treatment Program


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