Teen Addiction Trends for 2017

Is your home a drug free zone? You may be surprised to learn that today’s teenagers are struggling with addictions to some basic household products you likely keep on hand. Not so long ago, those items included pungent markers and hairspray products but today’s teens are experimenting with a dozen or more new and even more dangerous household substances. Its important to learn about teen addiction and keep up with today’s easy access drugs.

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Seems unlikely that a teenager would knowingly drink alcohol extracted from hand sanitizer products around your home, right? Wrong. This homemade form of moonshine has a whopping 60 percent alcohol content. Many concerned parents are removing hand sanitizer from their homes, deciding soap and water is much safer after some California teens found themselves in a hospital emergency room after drinking this household product.

  • Potpourri

    In recent trends, it has been discovered that fragrant smelling potpourri sitting around your home provides a quick high for teenagers. These floral and spice blended medleys are highly dangerous when smoked, with side effects such as heart palpitations, paranoia and hallucinations.

  • Dust Off and other brands of Pressurized Air

    While teenagers have given this form of substance abuse a cool name, “dusting” is a trend that is anything but cool. Dust Off is a product made of gas designed to aid in the removal of dust and debris from keyboards and other electronic devices. Snorting or inhaling (‘huffing’) the gas of these household products provides a high that teens soon find themselves addicted to.

  • Freon

    If your air conditioner been giving you a lot of trouble lately and there is no other explanation, your teen may know that Freon can be smoked. While your teenager is getting high on Freon, some of the risks include frostbite, slurred speech and brain damage.

  • Cooking Spices

    When spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are smoked or ingested in large quantities, teenagers experience a ‘high’. This is caused by the presence of myristicin, a natural compound found in these spices, causes such side effects as euphoria and hallucinations.

    Recently, the ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ went viral among teenagers on Facebook and other platforms, and many ended up in the hospital after trying to swallow hefty amounts of this spice within one minute.

  • Pressurized Cans of Whipped Topping and Liquid Cheeses

    Whipped Topping and Liquid Cheeses packaged in aerosol cans also pose a threat to homes where teenagers reside. These cans contain nitrous oxide, which is actually laughing gas …the same substance used by dentists prior to dental operations. While the high can last a second or several minutes, the side effects are dangerous and, in some cases, long lasting.

  • Bath Salts

    While it may not be possible for teens under the age of eighteen to purchase bath salts in most stores, it is easily accessible online. Bath salts contain a chemical that is very similar to amphetamines, resulting in an activity that is very dangerous and addictive. It is best not to keep bath salts in your home.

  • Cough Syrups

    They’ve given cough syrup abuse the whimsical name of ‘robotripping’ but this trend is anything but safe. Teens are drinking entire bottles of Robotussin and other cough syrups containing dextromethorphan (or DXM) to achieve a dangerous high.

  • Alcohol Soaked Tampons

    Whether your teen is male or female, this is a rising trend that is also quite dangerous. Soaking tampons and then inserting them into the body allows alcohol to enter the bloodstream at a much faster rate. The result is an intense long lasting high that is also addictive among teens.

  • Digital Drugs

    If you have never heard of digital drugs, you are not alone. Digital audio files can be accessed online by teenagers who want to disrupt their brainwaves and achieve an effect similar to narcotics. Sometimes called an ‘internet overdose’, these white noise inspired tracks have landed some teens in the hospital with strange physiological side effects.

Emergency Interventions

If your teen is starting to experiment with drugs, now is the time to stop it!

Do not wait until they are part of the statistic and you lose control of the situation.

Family counseling is available to help the family unit as a whole.

Call 561-337-7976 for a Confidential Consultation

or to schedule an Emergency In-home Intervention

Prevent Teen Substance Abuse

Don’t wait until there is a problem. Talk with teenagers about the risks of substance abuse and addiction from an early age. Give your home a clean sweep and remove dangerous household products.

As household items become increasingly dangerous and addictive for teens in 2017, don’t be afraid to seek professional help and get the support you family needs when a problem exists.

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