Facebook messanger saying message sent but not delivered? For some reason with one person my messages ... Facebook chat says delivered under a message i sent? I signed up to Facebook messenger using my number but I ... (empty blue circle) but not Delivered ... but when I send a message it shows up as sent but not delivered. Why? Edit: He just got a text I sent last night. Here are a few tips that you can try to troubleshoot iMessage errors on iPhone like the one where it doesn't work, get delivered or gets sent as an email etc. My iMessage is not saying ... My messages are just on the screen as if they have sent but the delivered thing is below a message ... the message Why is my facebook messages not delivered? He says he has not gotten any of my texts from the past couple of weeks. Post it the private message area I provided so we can tell why you were getting that message. I sent a message to a friend of mine using Messenger, ... Why is no one liking my Facebook posts? is a little vague since there are really hundreds of reasons why an email may not get delivered. The person is Active and it's pretty important that they see this message. More questions. I know my friend has an s3 from tmobile and is using stock app. Facebook message sent but not delivered? Why haven't ... the message only says sent not delivered. ... any message sent from an_outside_user@ ... Log in with Facebook; Why is my payment sent in a message pending? Does anyone know why that is? Facebook unseen. Did they receive my message? What does it mean? Sometimes one ponders whether he/she has been blocked or ... How can I stop my facebook messages being delivered to my spam ... How to send gift to Facebook To do so, follow the steps below: 1. How do I know if my Facebook message was sent? I sent a message to a friend two days ago, but only one tick showed beside the message. Most people on Facebook have being like Why arent my Messenger messages not delivered? white, blue, morning, friend, circle, message, tick, facebook, friends Details: I sent a Facebook message to a friend this morning, it has It has the sent icon but it won't deliver it. It appeared to go though (occasionally Ill get a message delivery failure message when I attempt to send a message but this DID NOT happen with the message in question). I am assuming that it has been sent but not delivered to my friend. But, I switched to Chomp and it works. Did you receive any bounce messgaes? Thank you. Why are my messages marked as "sent" and not "delivered" to one person for hours on Facebook Messenger? I sent a message yesterday and it's marked Sent but so far hasn't been marked Delivered. Message sent but not delivered? Facebook message has sent, but not delivered? The Facts: Is your Facebook message to your friend being sent but not delivered? For some reason with one person my messages sometimes are an empty blue circle yet it say their active now ?? I can receive emails with outlook.com but when i send messages they show in the sent folder but they are not delivered to the Is it something to do with her connection? ... My facebook says my message has been 'delivered' instead of 'sent'?